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Minor changes and improvements register

VIRM: Entry certification

Date PageChange
21 December 2017Technical bulletin 37: Electronic stability control identificationAdded for clarity: A tell-tale indicator with the letters 'TC' or 'Traction Control' is not an indication of ESC fitment and cannot be accepted as such. The Transport Agency is aware of a letter provided by a Land Rover dealer erroneously stating that vehicles with 'TC' tell-tales are fitted with a form of ESC. This letter cannot be accepted as evidence of ESC fitment.
14 DecemberTechnical bulletin 41: Entry certification changes for certain light vehiclesChanges with regard to European vehicles and 2001/116/EC around second and final stage manufacture.
7 November 2017Technical bulletin 37: Electronic stability control identification

DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) removed from BMW acronyms.

2 October 20178-2 Inspection specifications
  • Addition of Braxe logo to recognised brake friction material manufacturers
  • Callahan Auto Supply added to list of approved brake suppliers.
20 June 2017 Technical bulletin 23: Used imported motorsport vehiclesThe Certifier ID to be recorded for a motorsport authority card has been changed to >TMWM1<
16 May 2017SoC NZ Ltd now issues TÜV SÜD full statements of compliance and emission certificates. Text updated to reflect this and new sample certificates added.
31 March 2017Reference material 69: Sample auction invoicesHassalls Auctions added

Reference material 60: Authority to issue statements of compliance for Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram vehicles

Contact details updated (Gerhard Moser removed)
2 February 2017Technical bulletin 17 Seatbelt and seatbelt anchorage standards for heavy motor vehiclesMIA standards compliance table updated.
1 February 2017Technical bulletin 38: Class MC vehicle definitionClarifications in the interpretation section.
13 December 20161-1 Registering a vehicle for the first time in New ZelandClarifies that CMVSS is acceptable for light vehicles only.
November 2016

Technical bulletin 40: Passenger airbag inspection – used imported

Bulletin updated with list of vehicles included and how to spot a vehicle that has had its recall done.
21 October 2016Technical bulletin 41: Entry certification changes for certain light vehiclesThe Transport Agency has introduced some changes to the certification of certain modified light vehicles entering the New Zealand fleet from overseas. This change is in-place from 1 November 2016, and the VIRMs will be updated in the 1 December 2016 amendment. This bulletin forms a temporary instruction until this VIRM amendment is published.
4 October 2016

Technical bulletin 40: Passenger airbag inspection – used imported

For all used vehicles from Japan presented for entry certification on or after 5 October 2016, entry certifiers are required to visually verify that the front passenger airbags are present and connected to the SRS system.

18 July 2016Technical bulletin 38: Class MC vehicle definitionThis technical bulletin sets out the Transport Agency’s interpretation of the definition of a class MC vehicle to enable it to be applied consistently by entry certifiers and vehicle importers.
22 June 20151-5 Unfinished heavy vehiclesITAS Ltd and Canterbury Vehicle Compliance Ltd added to entry certifier list.
17 June 201610-1 Tyres, wheels and hubs

Added to JATMA standards table:

Compliance is assured if the tyre markings contain the brand name Bridgestone, the size designation 11R22.5 G540 together with the words ‘Made in Thailand’.
3 June 20168-1 Service brake and park brake
Technical bulletin 37 Identification of ESC
The text 'when fully phased in' deleted from Note 1 for clarity.
25 May 2016

Technical bulletin 17 Seatbelt and seatbelt anchorage standards for heavy motor vehicles

Standards compliance table updated.
5 April 20162-2 Vehicle attributes definitionsWith regard to a vehicle that has travelled over 250km, but may still be considered new, added:
"If in doubt or it has travelled more than 250km email or fax 06 953 6406. You will need to provide the reason for the distance travelled and copies of any overseas documents."
8 March 2016

8-1 Service brake and park brake

Aligned Note 1 with Note 1 of Technical bulletin 37: Electronic stability control identification.
17 February 20162-1 External projectionsLinks added to VIRM: In-service certification across more vehicle types.
15 February 20161-2 Re-registering a vehicleUpdate of contact details from Technical Services (Vehicles team) to Customer Access (Assessments team).
16 December 2015TB 32 Static tilt stability complianceMitsubishi Fuso Rosa, model code BE64DJRMBFAF added to list of vehicles meeting static tilt stability requirements.
1 December 20151-1 Registering a vehicle for the first time in New ZealandIn the 1 December 2015 amendment a change was omitted:
An entry certifier processing a parallel-imported new light vehicle must sight retain a copy of the PDI checksheet to verify that the PDI has been carried out.
20 October 2015Introduction: 8 AppointmentsDeleted text that was added on 31 July 2015.
14 September 2015TB 22 Anchorage of demountable body assembliesRemoved due to J-hooks being an operational, not a certification issue.
20 August 20152-2 Vehicle attributes definitionsAdded to LVV row in Default makes for low volume vehicles table:
Note: The default make of LVVTA still exists in LANDATA but should no longer be used.
31 July 2015Introduction: 8 AppointmentsAdded: The NZ Transport Agency is currently reviewing the application requirements for the certification of light vehicles for entry into the NZ fleet. When that review is completed that fact will be notified on this page. Please do not forward any fresh applications until such notification.
23 July 2015Reference material 69: Sample auction invoicesAutorola and Brisbane Motor Auction samples added.
26 June 2015Technical bulletin 32: Static tilt stability complianceModel code BE64DJRMBSCH added to list of accepted vehicles.
9 June 20153-3 Inspection specificationsDuring entry-level certification, vehicles of class MA, MB, MC, MD1, MD2 and NA must undergo an invasive structural inspection (text after 1 Nov 2014 amendment said class M and N).
3 June 2015

Reference material 55 FS012 upper seatbelt anchorage request form

Updated to new version.