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Minor changes and improvements register

VIRM: In-service certification

Date Page Change
20 April 20185 Inspection premises and equipmentAECS SST 45 roller brake machine added for CoF B.
26 March 2018

Technical bulletin (CoF) 8: Tipper bodies fitted to new imported trucks (first registered in New Zealand)

Updated to include some Fuso-manufactured tipper bodies.
17 November 2017Heavy vehicles 7-5 Seatbelts and seatbelt requirementsTable 7-5-7 title updated for clarity to:
Seatbelt requirements for heavy vehicles (first registered in New Zealand from 1 April 2002) and all heavy motorhomes (first registered anytime)
20 June 2017Heavy vehicle 14-2: Stock crates and stock crate retention devices
Technical bulletin (CoF) 7: Stock crate certification
Clarifications around plating requirements
11 May 20175 Inspection premises and equipmentSherpa PBT-24-4757 roller brake machine added for WoF and CoF A.
10 April 20175 Inspection premises and equipmentBM Autoteknik BM18200 roller brake machines added for WoF, CoF A and CoF B
16 March 20175 Inspection premises and equipmentVamag RBT3500 C7 and RBT 3500 XS roller brake machines added for WoF and CoF A
6 March 20175 Inspection premises and equipmentMAHA MTL 5250 rollerbrake machine added for WoF, CoF A and CoF B
5 January 20175 Inspection premises and equipmentAECS SST 10 roller brake machine added for WoF and CoF A.
14 October 2016

Technical bulletin (general) 12: Used imported vehicles from Japan – disconnected airbags at WoF inspection

What to do regarding the Takata airbag recall.
14 October 2016Technical bulletin (CoF) 7: Stock crate certificationNew technical bulletin.
It is important that stock crate retention is correctly certified to the appropriate standard. This technical bulletin provides explanations of different types of stock crates (fitted to a vehicle with a GVM of 6000 kg or more) their attachments, how to identify them, and how to identify their certification.
28 June 20163-1 Duties and responsibilities

Section has been updated.

The previous wording could have been interpreted as the Transport Agency being required to give 21 days notice before imposing any remedial action (such as training, revisiting the VIRM requirements etc) where an inspecting organisation or vehicle inspector fails to comply with requirements. It is in everyone’s best interests that there is no delay in ordering remedial action.

The 21 days notice only applies to suspension (excluding immediate suspension) and revocation.

15 June 20165 Inspection premises and equipment

RBMs added.

WoF and CoF A

  • Sherpa BS Kompact 3.5
  • Jevol RRT-2500
  • Jevol RRT-2500W
  • Vamag RBT-C


  • Vamag RBT-C
10 June 2016Technical bulletin (CoF) 6: MIchelin X Multiway tyreNew bulletin for clarification.
31 May 2016Introduction 5 Inspection premises and equipmentAdditional Jevol RBMs added to Table 5.5, 5.6 and 5.7.
12 April 2016Technical bulletin (CoF) 2: OEM wheel rim optionsWheel rim options for MAN Truck and Bus added.
19 November 2015 MC 10-1 Tyres and wheels A low volume vehicle of class LC which was certified before 1/11/2015 may be fitted with a car tyre if listed on its LVV certification plate.
13 August 2015 Service brake, parking brake and breakaway brake Removed ' emergency brake' from title.
3 July 2015

14-1 Load anchorages
TB (CoF) 6 Anchorage of demountable body assemblies

Removed due to J-hooks being an operational, not a certification issue.
26 June 2015 Introduction 6 Appointments 6.1.4 Requirements to retain appointment
Added clarity around the new requirements regarding the number of inspections required per year to retain appointment.
3 June 2015

GV 10-1 Tyres and wheels

LPSV 10-1 Tyres and wheels
Under Note 3: Clarified definition of winter tyres.
3 June 2015

GV 7-5 Seatbelts and seatbelt anchorages

LPSV 7-5 Seatbelts and seatbelt anchorages

Figure 7-5-5 FS012 Upper seatbelt anchorage request form: Updated to new version.