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VIRM: Entry certification update – effective 1 November 2017

List of changes

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Change   description

Pre-registration and VIN

2-2 Vehicle attributes definitions
  • New text added stating that for vehicles that have undergone a multi-stage manufacturing process, the GVM to record is the GVM assigned by the final stage manufacturer.
Inspection and certification
1-1 Registering a vehicle for the first time in New Zealand
  • Table 1-1-3. Proof of standards compliance:
    • Australian markets: An ADR second stage manufacture plate or label can be evidence of standards compliance
    • European markets (or manufactured for European markets): An EC whole vehicle approval plate indicating a second or more stage of manufacture can be evidence of standards compliance.
3-2 Determining frontal impact compliance
  • An EC whole vehicle approval plate can be evidence of frontal impact compliance for a class MA vehicle.
6-3 PSV entry and exit steps, ramps and hoists (light PSVs)
  • Clarifies in note at top of page which VIRM requirements apply to PSVs that comply with UN/ECE standards.
16-1 Certificate of loading (light PSV)
  • Text from Note 2 incorporated into general text of Table 16-1-2.
  • Change of email notification address
  • Clarification that the tow bar load isn’t included in the GVM rating.
Technical bulletins
2 Water or fire damaged vehicles
  • Clarification that this applies to vehicles undergoing re-entry too – ie does apply to vehicles written off in New Zealand.
11 Inspection of motorhomes
  • Any new motorhome that has a multi-stage approval plate meeting the criteria of Technical bulletin 41 can be accepted as complying with the relevant standards for that class of vehicle, except for exhaust emissions.
28 Exhaust emission standards compliance
  • An emission certificate produced by TÜV SÜD or DEKRA that confirms that the vehicle is compliant with Euro 4 emissions standards. (Note: this area of text moved from the Japan to the any country section).
  • Alternative way of verifying ADR79/02 added.
37 Electronic stability control identification
  • If ESC is listed on a statement of compliance, this is also acceptable proof of ESC fitment
41 Entry certification procedures for certain modified vehicles
  • This bulletin has been completely rewritten to include Australian second stage manufacture and United States FMVSS on certain vehicles.
Reference materials
19 Sample statement of compliance
  • Updated to include electronic stability control.
28 Sample UN/ECE Compliance Plate
  • Removed requirement for VIN to be present on car and motorcycle plates.
  • Added note that the entry certifier must be satisfied that the plate/label is genuine.
29 Sample European Community (EC) whole vehicle approval plate
  • Additional base directive/regulation shown in the EC whole vehicle approval number which are acceptable to prove compliance with all standards, including braking standards.