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VIRM: Heavy vehicle specialist certification

9 December 2019

This amendment incorporates the Heavy Vehicle Manufacture and Repair Code of Practice (MRCOP), currently found on the NZ Truck-trailer Manufacturer’s Federation website.

MRCOP has been developed to assist the industry in enabling a timely and affordable repair, reduce down-time to operators, as well as allow routine and repetitive repair and manufacturing tasks without requiring direct involvement of a heavy vehicle specialist certifier. It is designed to ensure that heavy vehicles are both safe and compliant.

In addition to MRCOP, some other smaller amendments to the VIRM are also effective, as detailed below.

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Introduction 3-9 Minimum file content

  • New section to specify with clarity the Transport Agency’s expectation around the minimum information that should be held on file for each piece of certification work

Introduction 6 Appointments

  • This section has been rewritten for clarity to incorporate the appointment section of Manufacture and repair code of practice (MRCOP)

11 Local manufacture and repair code of practice

  • New section incorporating the MRCOP into the VIRM.

12-3 Recertification of drawbeams and drawbars of known identity

  • Title change from Component recertification
  • Section rewritten and simplified for clarity

Technical bulletin 5: HV manufacturer certifier (HMxD) use of design certificates for batch built or standard components

  • Adding further clarification of when a design certificate can be used (change highlighted)
  • Updating the page to the correct HMxD naming convention from HV*D (changes not highlighted)