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VIRM: In-service certification (WoF only) update –
effective 1 January 2014

List of changes

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Change description


3-8 Issuing the WoF or CoF label evidence of vehicle inspection

  • Clarified the WoF or CoF expiry reference date for a vehicle that that has not had a previous WoF or CoF
  • New WoF expiries for different types of vehicles that will apply from 1 January 2014 until 30 June 2014 – READ THESE CHANGES CAREFULLY!
  • Clarified when a 12 month CoF may be issued to a new rental vehicle.

5 Inspection premises and equipment

  • Added new approved MAHA brake tester to the WoF and CoF approved brake test equipment lists.

7 Definitions and abbreviations

  • Delete definition of scratch-built vehicle. This definition has been removed from all legislation and will live instead in the Low Volume Vehicle Code. Any reference to scratchbuilt vehicle in the rules has been replaced with “low volume vehicle”.