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VIRM: In-service certification update –
effective 1 July 2014

List of changes

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Change description


Intro 2 Overview of the manual

  • General re-write to better reflect the online manual as it still largely reflected the old hardcopy manual.

Intro 3-8 Issuing the WoF or CoF label - evidence of vehicle inspection

  • Changes to reflect the new WoF expiry dates coming into effect for WoFs issued from 1 July 2014.
  • Includes information about variable CoF for vehicles for which NZTA has specified a CoF frequency other than 6 months.
  • Notes added to reflect the importance to find out the correct WoF/CoF expiry date before issuing the label.

Intro 5 Inspection premises and equipment

  • Added recently approved brake testers to the WoF and CoF lists for approved brake testers.

General vehicles

GV 4-4 Daytime running lamps

  • Removed impractical requirement for candela for LE class vehicles.

GV 7-3 Head restraints

  • Clarified that rear head restraints may be removed.

GV 7-5 Seatbelts and seatbelt anchorages

  • Added Note 20 to clarify that some vehicles require webbing clamp seatbelts with reference in the RfRs.


MC 4-4 Daytime running lamps

  • Removed impractical requirement for candela for motorcycles, including class LE vehicles.

MC 13-1 Engine and transmission

  • Clarified that addition of turbo charger etc always requires LVV certification, to align with requirements for general vehicles.