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VIRM: In-service certification amendment – effective 1 November 2017

List of changes

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Change description


1-5 Inspection premises and equipment

  • For clarity, IT system requirements added: To connect to our computer systems, you must operate Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 and run a web browser of Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) to connect. These are the only operating systems that are supported by the Transport Agency to ensure security to our systems.
General vehicles

2-1 External projections

  • Rear bumper removed from frontal impact requirements.
3-1 Structure
  • Rear bumper removed from frontal impact requirements.
5-1 Glazing
  • A V above the e2 mark means toughened, VLT <70%.
  • Sample of a V above the e2 mark added to Figure 5-1-1.
9-1 Steering and suspension systems
  • Clarifies that a left hand drive vehicle cannot be operated in a transport service, rental service or otherwise for commercial purposes for hire or reward (with some exceptions).
11-1 Exhaust system
  • Clarification around exhaust outlet positioning when the exhaust pipe does not extend beyond the rear of the vehicle.
12-1 Light vehicle towbar and fifth wheel
  • Note added regarding safety chains for towbars with a removable ball mount.
Technical bulletins (general)
13 Acceptable proof of overseas modification
  • Updated to include the new acceptable modifications from Australia and the United States.