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VIRM: In-service certification (WoF only) amendment
– effective 1 October 2020

List of changes

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3-4 Establishing whether a vehicle can be inspected for a WoF or CoF

  • Some of the content from here has been moved into new reasons for rejection. This is to make it easier for inspectors to refer to and also to make it easier for inspectors to explain to customers if their vehicle is failed.

General vehicles

1-2 Vehicle details

  • This is the new section with content moved from Introduction 3-4.

7-5 Seatbelts and seatbelt anchorages

  • Extra text added to remind VIs there are visual examples to guide the inspection of seatbelt fraying and indentation
  • Figure 7-5-8 with examples of damage to seatbelt webbing from certain types of child restraints should be passed for WoF and CoF purposes, assuming no threads are cut (added previous to the   amendment).

7-7 Interior impact

  • Table 7-7-1. Brakes added to the additional accelerator pedals (for driving school vehicles) row.

11-1 Exhaust

  • Slight rewording of the text to emphasise that harm to occupants should be a consideration

13-1 Engine and transmission

  • Note 4 updated to match Note 6 in 11-1 Exhaust system


1-2 Licensing labels

  • See general vehicles

Technical bulletins (general)

4 Jacking points

  • Jacking points image updates to remove and incorrect item.