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VIRM: In-service certification (WoF only) amendment
– effective 1 November 2019

List of changes

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3-1 Duties and responsibilities

Adds a further exception to where it is ok if the information on an LVV plate differs from the vehicle – in this case temporary removal of seats (see also the change to note 6 in 7-1 below)

General vehicles

All relevant lighting sections

  • To remove doubt for WoF and CoF inspection purposes, lamp overlays that reduce or distort emitted light are a fail item.

4-1 Headlamps

  • Modern dipped beam headlamps have a different pattern than older style lamps. Figure 4-1-2 has been updated to include both older and modern style dipped beam headlamp patterns that are acceptable.

5-1 Glazing

  • Plain English rewrite of the fitting and modifications requirements for windows in class ME vehicles (heavy buses)

6-1 Door and hinged panel retention systems

  • New reason for rejection (Rfr 4) that adds greater clarity for vehicle inspectors regarding the acceptable condition of the components in door and hinged panel retention systems.

7-1 Seats and seat anchorages

  • Adding clarification to make it clear that non-inspection of seatbelt anchorages where a seat has been removed is allowed for LVV certified seats as well as manufacturer fitted ones (see also Introduction   3-1 above)

7-5 Seatbelts and seatbelt anchorages

Seatbelt webbing damage guidance has been added by way of a new set of images under Figure 7-5-7. This has been added assist vehicle inspectors when checking seatbelt webbing by showing that some light or moderate damage can still be ok for a pass, and where it should be obvious for a fail.

10-1 Tyres and wheels

Note in Figure 10-1-3 updated to clarify that when inspecting tyres, to identify winter tyres the vehicle inspector would first look at the tread pattern, and that this is then backed up by the ‘Studless’ marking and/or mountain/snowflake symbol.

11-2 Exhaust emissions

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is not allowed to have been removed unless the vehicle’s owner/registered person can prove the vehicle is still able to pass a prescribed metered emissions test


All relevant lighting sections

  • To remove doubt for WoF and CoF inspection purposes, lamp overlays that reduce or distort emitted light are a fail item.

Technical bulletins (general)

13 Acceptable overseas proof of modification

  • Note added to align with the entry VIRM.
    A motorhome may have final stage approval to 2001/116/EC provided it was   approved to 2007/46/EC at an earlier approval stage (ie there is a base or   second stage approval label listing 2007/46/EC in addition to the 2001/116/EC   final stage label).