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VIRM: In-service certification (WoF and CoF) amendment
– effective 29 April 2020

Note: These changes, with the exception of the isolation shield amendments, were originally due to be implemented on 1 April, but were delayed due to the COVID-19 restrictions. They are being implemented now due to the easing of restrictions.

List of changes

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General vehicles

2-1 External projections
  • LVV threshold changes

3-1 Structure

  • Minor changes to the bumper bar wording
  • LVV threshold changes
5-1 Glazing
  • Isolation shields do not require glazing markings and can be a permitted modification that does not require LVV certification
7-1 Seats and seatbelt anchorages
  • LVV threshold changes
7-3 Head restraints
  • LVV threshold changes

7-5 Seatbelts and seatbelt anchorages

  • Rfr 9d updated with a note to say that the requirements do not apply to a seatbelt adjustment device as long as it is securely locked in place.
  • LVV threshold changes
7-7 Interior impact
  • LVV threshold changes
  • Isolation shields can be a permitted modification that does not require LVV certification

8-1 Brakes

  • LVV threshold changes
9-1 Steering and suspension
  • LVV threshold changes
10-1 Tyres and wheels
  • LVV threshold changes
10-3 Mudguards
  • LVV threshold changes
13-1 Engine and transmission
  • LVV threshold changes
13-2 Fuel system
  • LVV threshold changes
13-5 Electric and hybrid electrical system
  • LVV threshold changes

General trailers

5-1 Service brake, parking brake and breakaway brake

  • Note to table 5-1-1 updated to clarify that a compliant brake system requires a brake on each wheel of the trailer.