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VIRM: Entry certification amendment
– effective 1 April 2021

List of changes

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Change description


5-1 General duties and responsibilities

Clarifying that verified copies are acceptable instead of originals

5-7 Establishing whether a vehicle may be inspected and certified for entry into service

A copy of an identification document is sufficient for entry certification purposes when the owner is absent.

Pre-registration and VIN

2-1 Recording vehicle attributes

Table 2-2-1. Vehicle attribute requirements by vehicle type: GVM row, Vehicle type 07 changed from ‘N’ to ‘4’.

  • The change to the table is to align the table with the requirements already in the definitions where it says GVM is mandatory.

2-2 Vehicle attributes definitions

  • 7 First registration date and 13 Vehicle year
    • If registration history is not available for vehicles from Australia the month and year of compliance on the ADR plate must be used as the vehicle year.
  • 16 Gross vehicle mass
    • This change to open up the GVM sources is due to lack of availability of information from Australia.
  • 27 Fuel consumption information:
    • Clarifying that it is the entry certifier that must enter the details in Step Two
    • Clarifying what codes to use when no engine number is available.

4-1 Methods for affixing a VIN

  • Where a site has only a single Waka Kotahi appointed entry certifier, a KSDP can nominate a person to act as the QA controller in checking the VIN. The nominated person must be an employee of site. That person must be identified on the KSDP’s delegation record.

Inspection and certification

1-1 Registering a vehicle for the first time in New Zealand

  • Clarifying that it is the KSDP that must scan or photocopy any documents collected in the certification process.
  • Changes to the required registration history documentation for vehicles from Australia due to difficulties in obtaining these documents.

1-6 Specialist certification

  • The LVVTA FS001 form is not required for vehicles that have the electronic data disc instead of the metal LVV plate.

1-10 Vehicle rechecks

  • When a vehicle has to undergo a full entry certification because it is 21 days or more since the initial inspection, a new checksheet must be used.
  • Quarantine information:
    • 3 months changed to 90 days
    • Details of what must be recorded in LANDATA added
    • Additional clarifications regarding the repair quarantine system.

Technical bulletins

28 Exhaust emissions standards compliance

For Singapore: list of vehicles that, if first registered on or after the date shown, will be compliant to certain Euro standards.

39 Identifying class MB, MD1 or MD2 based on seats on Japanese deregistration certificates

The standards requirements for class MD1, MD 2 and MB are the same, however, class MB vehicles require ESC.

41 Entry certification procedures for certain modified vehicles

2018/858 is an acceptable code that has been introduced in Europe. It is used in the same way as the 2007/46 code.

47 Vehicles fitted with ITS Connect

New technical bulletin regarding the process when a vehicle is fitted with an ITS Connect system. This system uses the 760Mhz frequency, which is not allowed.

Reference materials

29 Sample European Community (EC) whole vehicle approval plate

The 2018/858 code mentioned above has been added to this reference material.

70 Sample hpi and Experion reports

Sample Total Car Check report added.