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VIRM: Entry certification update –
effective 1 July 2013

List of changes

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Change description


3 Contacts

  • Border inspection organisation contacts added.

4 The pre-registration process

  • Two notes added regarding pre-delivery inspections.
5-6 Establishing whether a vehicle requires inspection and certification for entry into service
  • Added agricultural tractors, and made changes for other tractors and machines, to the list of vehicles that do not require entry certification.

7 Inspection premises and equipment

  • Change from ‘vehicle manufacturere’ to ‘brake performance testing equipment maufacturer’
  • Link to the new torque wrench reference material added.
9 Definitions and abbreviations
  • New definitions: Agricultural motor vehicle, agricultural purpose, agricultural tractor, Agricultural trailer, Tractor.

Pre-registration and VIN

1-1 Finding vehicle records

  • Text added regarding the applying for a border check exemption for used vehicle imports.
2-1 Recording vehicle attributes
  •  New key in Table 2-2-1 relating to air conditioners

2-2 Vehicle attributes definitions

  • Heading order altered to align with input request screen
  • Default amkes table amended
  • Additional explanations regarding LANDATA and LVV
  • Sections 28 A/C fitted and 29 Gas Type added
  • Table 2-2-1: Additional text to clarify what constitutes a self-propelled caravan
  • Table 2-2-2: Note regarding V308s and PDIs with regard to new vehicle from the UK added; note about what constitutes a new or used motorcycle added
  • Table 2-2-12. Gas types added
  • Section 34 added on synthetic greenhouse gas levy on motor vehicles.

5-3 Completing the left-hand drive process

  • Process addition regarding LANDATA ‘NOTES’.

Inspection and certification

1-1 Registering a vehicle for the first time

  • Notes incorporated into Table 1-1-1
  • New information regarding proof of legal entitlement from Australia
  • New information regarding proof of compliance from Europe and Japan.
1-2 Re-registering a vehicle
  • Text modified to allow for more auction organisations invoices.

1-5 Unfinished heavy vehicles

  • Information on what fields must be entered before a RUC can be issued.

1-6 Specialist certification

  • TSDAs must enter specialist certification details into IVERT screen
  • Table 1-6-1: New certification categories; descriptions and required documentation
  • Table 1-6-3: New items regarding upcoming (1 August 2013) changes to HVSC categories and issuing LT400s.

1-10 Vehicle rechecks

  • More information regarding quarantine.

3-4 Threshold for requiring repair certification

  • Section largely re-written to align with VIRM: Border inspection of used imported vehicles.

10-1 Tyres and wheels

  • Note 11 regarding Bridgestone tyres from Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia deleted.

Technical bulletins

28 Exhaust emissions standards compliance

  • Changes regarding Acceptable proof of exhaust emissions rule compliance for vehicles from the United Kingdom and EC directive/Euro standards additions
  • ‘How to establish whether your vehicle has heavy or light duty emissions certification’ section re-written (yellow highlight not used).

35 Moped entry certification (class LA, LB)

  • Two new notes regarding requirements added.

Reference materials

15 Request to locate missing border check records

  • Regarding the ‘Request to locate border check records form’: For vehicles border checked after 16 January 2012, contact the NZTA on 0800 804 580.
17 Request to remove border damage flag - light vehicles
  • Addition of text on the form regarding a damage flag being removed 'as requested by repair certifier'.
22 Sample export certificates (Japan)
  • Clearer axample of export certificate with the 'COPY' used six times.

30 Sample FMVSS compliance plate/label

  • Example of motorcycle plate added

32 Sample ADR compliance plates

  • Additional of information about the types of ADR plates added.

69 Sample auction invoices

  • New sample added.

71 Examples of major structural damage/corrosion 

  • New reference material.

72 Examples of minor non-structural cosmetic damage

  • New reference material.

73a DEKRA Statement of compliance – vehicle classes

  • New reference material.

73b DEKRA statement of compliance – emissions standards

  • New reference material.

74 Torque wrenches

  • New reference material.

75 PPSR report

  • New reference material.