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VIRM: Entry certification amendment
– effective 1 June 2019

List of changes

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5 Overview
  • A partially completed (eg cab chassis) heavy vehicle can be passed for entry certification where not all in-service requirements are met. An Annex C permit can be issued instead of a CoF at the end of inspection

5-5 Identifying the vehicle class

  • Note and images added regarding counting seats in a vehicle with wheelchair positions

9 Definitions and abbreviations

  • Sleeping berth definition added

Inspection and certification

1-1 Registering a vehicle for the first time in New Zealand

  • Table 1-1-3. Proof of standards compliance
    When a vehicle is a used vehicle manufactured for the USA market: Include in the referral, photos of all identifiers and manufacturers data plates, and a photo of the   entire vehicle.

1-5 Annex C: conditional operation of a vehicle

  • Section renamed and re-written. Annex C processes have been clarified. See also reference material 47 Annex C permit

7-2 PSV seating (Omnibus change)

  • Provide that two seats facing each other do   not have to comply with clause   4.1(8)(b) of the Rule (relating to footroom) if the seating position   complies with the standard UN/ECE 107  (see also the summary of submissions document)

7-5 Seatbelts and seatbelt anchorages

  • Note 2 about retrofitted seatbelts deleted. Following notes renumbered

9-1 Steering and suspension systems

  • Note 1 regarding vehicles that comply with approved frontal impact standards are not required to comply with approved steering system standards, deleted

Technical bulletins

3 Vehicles modified to change vehicle class

  • Expanded to include heavy vehicles

28 Exhaust emissions standards compliance

  • The VIA has ceased issuing exhaust emissions compliance certificates from 28 December 2018. Should any VIA emission certificates be presented with issue dates later than 28 December 2018 or for vehicles that may have been imported after that date, please contact the Transport Agency before accepting them.

39 Identifying class MB, MD1 or MD2 based on seats on Japanese deregistration certificates

  • Deletion of incorrect content stating wheelchair positions are not considered seating positions

45 Recording the number of seats in a vehicle with wheelchair positions

  • Some vehicles have dedicated wheelchair positions and multi-use positions where an occupant can sit if a wheelchair isn’t present. This technical bulletin provides clarity over how to record the number of seats

Reference materials

47 Sample Annex C permit

  • Annex C permit redesigned to reflect the new process
  • Note 2 and Note 3 updated to reflect clarifications in the Annex C process

77 VIA and IMVIA Exhaust emission compliance certificates

  • * The VIA has ceased issuing exhaust emissions compliance certificates from 28 December 2018.