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VIRM: Entry certification amendment
– effective 1 November 2018

List of changes

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Change description

Pre-registration and VIN

2-2 Vehicle attributes definitions

Table 2-2-2

  • 13 July interim amendment: increase of ‘delivery miles’ for heavy vehicles, heavy   trailers and class NA motorhomes to 1000km.
  • Any significant repair to a vehicle, such as one that   requires specialist certification, is considered use after manufacture or   sale. Therefore, any vehicle that has been damaged to the point that it   requires any specialist certification for the repairs must be treated as   used.

Table 2-2-4

  • Portugal added to list

Inspection and certification

1-7 Document availability

  • Certified English   translations must be provided for all documents not provided in English (other   than for Japanese deregistration certificates, export certificates and   certificates of completion)

4 Lighting

  • Clarification that all the lighting components must meet approved standards listed in Table 4-0-1.

Technical bulletins

28 Exhaust emissions standards compliance

  • Reference to VIA added in addition to IMVIA
43 Takata air bag recall
  • Takata non-alpha airbags will now also be ban flagged at the border (just as Takata alpha air bags are.

Reference materials

77 VIA and IMVIA exhaust emissions compliance certificates

  • Sample of VIA certificate added