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VIRM: Entry certification amendment
– effective 2 December 2019

List of changes

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Pre-registration and VIN

2-1 Recording vehicle attributes
(fuel consumption change)

  • Requirements for test regime and fuel consumption replaced with a link to section 11-2 Summary of legislation for mandatory requirements and exceptions

2-2 Vehicle attributes definitions
(fuel consumption change)

  • 26 Test regime
    Rewording of content and addition of table 2-2-13 listing the Test Regime codes that were previously in Technical bulletin 28
  • 27 Fuel consumption information
    Steps for verifying and entering information amended.
    How to enter information where the fuel consumption value is less than 2.0 added.

Inspection and certification

2-1 External projections

  • New ADR added to Table 2-1-1. List of approved external projection standards
    • ADR 92 (for new modes introduced after 1 July 2019)

3-4 Threshold for requiring specialist repair certification

  • An update to the words to allow for other ways of saying a vehicle is written off.

11-2 Exhaust emissions
(fuel consumption change)

  • Notes on vehicles exempt from meeting a standard moved from RfR to moved to the Summary of Legislation
    New section created for Low Volume Vehicles, previous under new vehicles

Technical bulletins

28 Exhaust emissions standards compliance

(fuel consumption change)

  • Recording information and test regime codes removed and added to 2-2 Vehicle attributes definitions

37 Electronic stability control identification

  • The original wording of the page could be misinterpreted to mean any LVV vehicle does not need electronic stability control. This has been clarified to the original intent that only LVV vehicles manufactured, assembled or scratch-built in quantities of 500 or less in any one year (ie, not a uniquely modified low volume vehicle) that was not originally fitted with an electronic stability control system and is certified in accordance with the Low Volume Vehicle Code.

41 Entry certification procedures for certain modified vehicles

  • The VIRM currently states that any European vehicle, including a motorhome, that has been modified and type certified to the European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) system must have an ECWVTA Certificate of Conformity (CoC) and a corresponding label/plate on the vehicle.

    To clarify, the ECWVTA CoC must be final   stage (this may be second, third or fourth stage), not OEM.

Reference materials

38 Sample fuel consumption statement
(fuel consumption change)

  • New sample statements added

69 Sample auction invoices

  • Sample Iron Planet invoice added

78 Fuel Consumption Import Statement System
(fuel consumption change)

  • Fuel consumption information for importers is moving to the the FuelSaver website. If you have any queries from importers or customers, direct them to