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VIRM: Entry certification amendment
– effective 29 April 2020

Note: These changes were originally due to be implemented on 1 April, but were delayed due to the COVID-19 restrictions. They are being implemented now due to the easing of restrictions.

List of changes

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4 The pre-registration process

  • Changes regarding PDI clarifications

9 Definitions and abbreviations

  • Used vehicle definition updated

Pre-registration and VIN

2-2 Vehicle attributes definitions

  • Table 2-2-2 - used vehicle definition updated to align with the change in the Definitions section
  • Table 2-2-12 – two new gas codes added
  • Table 2-2-13 – missing test regime code for motorsport, immigrant’s vehicles and special interest vehicles added

Inspection and certification

1-1 Registering a vehicle for the first time in New Zealand

  • Changes regarding PDI clarifications

16-1 Certificate of loading (heavy vehicles)

  • Line added to Table 16-1-1 to remind certifiers that if the vehicle has been imported with an ECE R55 compliant fifth wheel then this should be recorded on the LATIS system’s ILOAD screen

Technical bulletins

28 Exhaust emissions standard compliance

  • Updated so that a certificate of conformity can be used to determine emission standards for heavy vehicles as well as light vehicles
  • Emissions codes table updated to include the latest codes, including Euro 6 (Note that the EC directive documentation that these tables are based on has been included in the email consultation package.)

46 Parallel imports

  • New bulletin that contains the majority of the clarifications regarding PDI inspections