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Vehicle inspector applications (WoF & CoF)

CoF vehicle inspector application important information

This page provides a summary of what is required when applying to become one of our appointed vehicle inspectors (VI) for certificate of fitness (CoF) service delivery.



Where do I send my application?

Completed application forms need to be sent to:

Provider Licensing
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency
Private Bag 11777
Palmerston North 4442

Alternatively scan and email the application form to


Accepting conditions and requirements

Submitting an application to the NZ Transport Agency will amount to acknowledgement and acceptance of the conditions and requirements of the appointment.

Incomplete applications

We can only process your application if you complete the form accurately, provide all the required documentation and pay the application fee.

If you submit an incomplete application or do not pay the fee your application will be delayed.

Fees and payment

The fee for applying to become a CoF vehicle inspector is $494.50 (including GST).

The fastest way to pay is by Visa or MasterCard over the phone. We can call you to take payment once we’ve confirmed your application is complete. Alternatively, you can request an invoice with further details about how to pay.

Please be aware that we can’t start working on your application until we’ve received payment.

For more information on fees see our Vehicle certification and administration fees guide



In order to apply for CoF A authority, you must first be an approved inspector for warrants of fitness (WoFs). You will be asked on the application form to confirm your NZ Transport Agency authority number.

MITO certificate in vehicle inspection

When considering your application to become a CoF vehicle inspector, the Transport Agency will take into account whether you have completed and passed the Motor Industry Training Organisation (MITO) Certificate in vehicle inspection.

Roller brake machine training

If you are applying to become a CoF B vehicle inspector, the Transport Agency will also take into account whether you have completed roller brake machine (RBM) training provided by an approved Transport Agency training provider.

Fit and proper check

We will conduct a fit and proper police check on everyone who applies to be a vehicle inspector.

We reserve the right to conduct a fit and proper check at any time during the course of your appointment.


Application requirements

As the applicant you are required to:

  • include copies of relevant qualifications
    • If you have overseas qualifications you must apply to the NZ Qualifications Authority (NZQA) to have your qualifications assessed. Once you have completed this process and received the assessment report you must include this with your application
    • All New Zealand qualifications must have the NZQA emblem on all certificates. If they don’t, please contact NZQA on 0800 697 296 and ask for Tertiary Records
  • provide references from previous or current employers
    • include the dates (dd/mm/yyyy) you were employed, clearly detailing the full mechanical repairs you carried out in each position. This includes any overseas references you may have.
  • call us on 0800 699 000 extension 8212 to discuss what you are required to provide if you have been self-employed.
  • confirm the details of a Transport Agency-approved inspecting organisation at which you can complete the theory and practical assessment.


Code of conduct for vehicle inspectors

You must sign and abide to the NZ Transport Agency vehicle inspector code of conduct, which provides the minimum ethical and behavioural standards that are expected of all VIs whom we appoint.

You will be asked to sign a code of conduct when you have passed your practical assessment conducted by the Transport Agency.


Transferring sites

If you transfer sites, you must advise the Transport Agency by completing a Notification of vehicle inspector transfer form.

Conflict of interest

Financial interest

Vehicle inspectors can’t inspect vehicles that they have a financial interest in. The only exception to this is a vehicle that the inspecting organisation is primarily using for the purpose of delivering inspection and certification services.

Other conflicts of interest

The terms of your appointment require you to avoid situations that may lead to conflicts of interest. The most common situations are likely to be where friends and family are involved.

Repairs and servicing

You are permitted to carry out repairs and servicing in respect of a vehicle you are inspecting, provided that there is no conflict of interest.


Compliance with the rule

You must carry out inspection and certification activities in accordance with Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Standards Compliance 2002 and the conditions and requirements imposed by the Transport Agency under this rule. Imposed conditions and requirements are included in the Vehicle inspection requirements manual: In-service certification (VIRM).

Re-appointment process

Your appointment as a vehicle inspector is for a three-year term, at which time you will be considered for reappointment for a further three years.

Performance monitoring and review process

The IO and VI auditing system incorporating the performance review system (PRS) finished on 30 November 2014. We replaced it with a new performance monitoring and review process that takes account of and targets to risk.

You are required participate in this process and agree to our transport officers completing performance review and assessment activities on a regular basis, often without prior notification.

The performance monitoring and review process:

  • targets our resources at IOs and VIs that are identified as higher risk encompasses quality management, inspection processes and technical requirements
  • ensures regular assessments of all VIs
  • replaces scheduled visits with unannounced visits
  • involves more targeted output inspections of vehicles by transport officers
  • requires IOs to operate a QMS (which may be their existing PRS).
Certificate of appointment

Once you're authorised to be a vehicle inspector we'll issue you a certificate.

Sample Vehicle inspector certificate of appointment

More information

If you have any questions regarding the application process for CoF vehicle inspectors you can email or call 0800 699 000.

VI5B CoF Vehicle inspector application (PDF)
This form is used when applying to become a Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency vehicle inspector for the issuing of certificates of fitness (CoF).