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Emailed presentation and storage of inspection and certification documents

Due to the restrictions brought about by COVID-19, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has amended the VIRMs to allow for some inspection and certification documents to be presented electronically. This is to assist businesses with contactless operation. The following documents will be able to be emailed:

  • LT400s, chassis ratings and professional opinions from heavy vehicle specialist certifiers, and
  • LT308s, LT307s and professional opinions from repair certifiers, and
  • chassis ratings from Waka Kotahi.

These changes are intended to be permanent and extend beyond the period of restrictions. The changes are shown in this screenshot document for the effected VIRMs (in-service certification, entry certification, heavy vehicle specialist certification, light vehicle repair certification).

Note that though we are allowing emailed presentation and electronic storage of the documents, you can still print and physically store them if you wish.

We are also seeking feedback on refining the changes further, particularly around secure electronic storage. Suggestions are welcome, please click the 'Send us your feedback button' or email

This change is in effect immediately, and you can begin to accept inspection and certification documents now.