Entry VIRM amendment: ESC changes - 1 March 2018

In this amendment

Preview of the change

The amendment affects 8-1 Service brake and park brake as shown below.


Already implemented ESC changes

The Land Transport Rule: Light-vehicle brakes Amendment 2014 sets out the dates from which used vehicles coming into New Zealand are required to have ESC:

Future ESC changes

Similar to frontal impact and emissions requirements, when fully phased in, this provision will not apply to:

As the changes come into force, VIRMs will be updated with the new requirements.

*A make and model of a vehicle of a class other than MD3, MD4, ME, NB, NC, TC and TD, that is:

(a) manufactured, assembled, or scratch-built in quantities of 500 or less in any one year, and where the construction of the vehicle may directly or indirectly affect compliance of the vehicle with any of the vehicle standards prescribed by New Zealand law.