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HVSC VIRM amendment – memo incorporation – 9 April 2018

Over the last several months, in consultation with a key HVSC industry group, the NZ Transport Agency has been working to complete the incorporation of HVSC memos into the HVSC vehicle inspection requirements manual (VIRM). This has been done to centralise sources of information for your ease of access and to allow for a simpler change process going forward. This work is now complete and as of Monday 9 April 2018 all HVSC memos are rescinded and the VIRM amendment will go live.

Many memos now take the form of technical bulletins, while others have been incorporated into the main body of the VIRM under the various sections. While the memos have been incorporated into the VIRM, there hasn’t been any policy or procedural changes

All current certifications (LT400s) referencing the memos will remain valid for the life of the LT400s validity. Starting from 9 April 2018, any references must now be to the relevant section or technical bulletin.

If you have any concerns with the changes made or would like to propose additional changes, please contact us at The Transport Agency will be reviewing the changes in six months, and any feedback received will be considered as part of the next amendment.

A summary of the latest changes are given in the table below.


Memo incorporation

Intro 3-5 Work procedure

Various memos incorporated

Intro 3-7 Record of certification

4-1 Chassis frame

4-2 Body and cab

4-3 Steering, suspension and axles

4-4 Engine and drive train

5-1 Brakes (general)

9-1 Drawbeams

9-2 Drawbars

9-3 Towbars

10-2 Log bolster attachment

11-1 Local manufacturing

1 Heavy vehicle repair thresholds

Memo 33

Memo 60

2 Isuzu CXH450 chassis repairs and expectation for chassis repairs and certification

Memo 37

3 Heavy vehicle chassis rating

57 series of memos

Memo 75

4 Modification thresholds for the Heavy Vehicle Brakes Rule

62 series of memos

5 Local manufacturing certifier use of Design Certificates for batch built or standard components

Memo 65

6 Certification of light vehicles towing heavy trailers

Memo 67

14 Lost or illegible identification plates for drawbars, drawbeams and towbars

Memo 25

Memo 51

15 Documents required for presentation to an inspecting organisation following HV specialist inspection and certification

31 series of memos

16 Engineers’ responsibilities for modifications that may affect a HV’s brakes

Memo 53

Memo 53a

17 Heavy Vehicle Power Pack upgrades to meet emissions requirements

Memo 59

18 Rebirthing

Memo 80

19 Tightening or reusing bolt-in tow eyes

Memo 83