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In-service VIRM amendment effective 28 April 2014 (affects both WoF and CoF)

The is now available (view the preview pages to see the new text).

Overview of the changes

This general amendment covers the following changes:

  • Headlamps (WoF and CoF)
    • clarify that a pair of headlamps may consist of a symmetric and an asymmetric headlamp
    • improve wording relating to pairs of headlamps requiring to be of approximately equal colour and intensity (this change will also be made for other relevant lamps).
  • Tyres and wheels (WoF and CoF)
    • Prohibit car tyres on two-wheeled motorcycles
    • Add new combination to tyre interchangeability table (generally affects only heavy vehicles).
  • Fuel system (WoF and CoF)
    • Clarify allowable corrosion and other damage around fuel tank mountings.
  • Heavy vehicle 5th wheel, ball coupling/socket for towing semi-trailer, king pin (CoF only)
    • Clarify that a certification plate/label is only required for ball-type coupling
    • Advise that 5th wheel operator statements of compliance (NZTA 4085A forms) can be obtained from CoF providers
  • Load anchorages (CoF only)
    • Clarify what additional modifications and repairs have to be certified.
  • PSV doors and doorways (CoF only)
    • Clarify line of sight for power-operated door testing
    • Introduce Technical bulletin (CoF) 5 specifying the PSV power-operated door testing procedure.