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In-service VIRM amendment effective 11 November 2013 (affects both WoF and CoF)

  • The list of changes and summary is available here.
Overview of the changes

This amendment covers the three following changes:

WoF frequency and related changes for agricultural vehicles

From 11 November 2013, agricultural tractors and machines are eligible for a 12-month WoF, regardless of their age. Other tractors and machines, as well as other unclassified vehicles and forklifts, remain on the current WoF regime, ie 12-month WoF up to 6 years age, and 6-month WoF for vehicles older than 6 years. We also had to develop a new inspection group to deal with the different WoF regimes for these vehicles. Everyone who currently has inspection group 5 for heavy vehicles exempt CoF will get the new inspection group 6 for agricultural vehicles. These changes have made the WoF requirements a bit more complicated, so please read the VIRM changes carefully, particularly those in the Tractor introduction section.

New WoF label

As advised in a recent WoF news, we have developed a new WoF label which will cover four years at a time instead of the usual single year. This was necessary to cater for the new maximum of three year WoF expiry which will come into effect July 2014. The new label will be available from mid-November and will initially cover the years 2014 to 2017. If you have any single year 2014 WoF labels, please use these up first before using the new labels.

Technical bulletin 2 (CoF) – OEM wheel rim options (affecting CoF only)

Wheel rim options for some Scania models have been added to the bulletin.