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Logging into the Waka Kotahi registers

From 8 December 2021 there will be a new process for logging in to the Waka Kotahi registers such as LANDATA. This does not affect WoF-online log ons.

From 8 December 2021, there’ll be an extra pop-up screen that you need to complete before you can log into LANDATA.

This pop-up screen reiterates that you must only use the registers for Waka Kotahi-approved purposes.

How to log in

The new pop-up screen will display every time you access the registers.

You’ll need to read the message on the screen, and press the Ok button to acknowledge that you’ll only use the registers to provide Waka Kotahi-approved services.

You won’t be able to log in to the registers until you’ve acknowledged the security message.

More information

You can read more about approved use of the registers in the agent portal in our LANDATA system security section.


If you have any issues logging into the system with the new security pop-up screen, please call Unisys on 0800 243 687.