**New technical bulletin - disconnected airbags**

You will be aware that the Transport Agency recently became aware that it has been acceptable practice in Japan for vehicles that are subject to the worldwide Takata airbag recall, to have the passenger side airbag disconnected and replaced with an electronic mechanism that prevents the airbag warning lamp from recognising this has happened while waiting for replacement parts.

When this occurred, a temporary warning message was attached to the passenger side sun visor.  A number of vehicles with this modification have arrived in NZ as used imports. As these vehicles do not comply with Land Transport Rule: Frontal Impact 2001, where it is known that an airbag has been disconnected a warrant of fitness cannot be issued. Immediate steps have already been taken to prevent further vehicles with this modification entering New Zealand.

The new technical bulletin Used imported vehicles from Japan – disconnected airbags at WoF inspection comes into effect on Wednesday 19 October 2016 to address in-service inspections of such vehicles. It will be updated as the Transport Agency receives more information about the situation.

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