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VIRM: Light vehicle repair certification amendment effective 1 October 2013

  • General amendment and clarifications
  • Addition of Fire damage section.

Additionally, three changes come into effect on 1 january 2014. These items have been delayed 3 months to give you an opportunity to set up or modify processes and to  purchase any equipment that you may need:  

  • Requirement for notes to be entered in Landata against all vehicles that you inspect - This lines up with the Entry requirements, will give NZTA a better picture of what vehicles are being inspected and areas of damage, stop vehicles being shopped around between certifiers and assist certifiers when a vehicle is shifted between cities.
  • Certifiers to ensure the repairer is capable of carrying out the repair to the specified repair standard - This is currently required but not enforced and many of you already do this.  This has  been included to clarify that you as repair certifiers must ensure that the repairer has the knowledge, ability and equipment to carry out the repair according to the repair method issued.
  • Inclusion of a endoscope in the equipment specifications.

Repair certifiers should have received preview copies of the changes by now. If you are a repair certifier and have not received anything, please email