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Technical notes - a new type of communication

Technical notes are a new type of official communication

There are times when an amendment to the VIRM would be beneficial to be introduced immediately rather than wait until the next scheduled amendment.  For example, when a customer will receive a lower compliance cost and it is beneficial (to the customer) to introduce this change sooner rather than later.

For this, the Transport Agency has developed Technical notes which outline changes to an inspection process and indicate when the change comes into place. They are a stop-gap communication to fill in until the next amendment at which time they will be incorporated into the relevant VIRM.

Your head office will also have received this by email if it is relevant to the inspection types the organisation holds (eg the first technical note is a CoF item only, so WoF only inspecting organisations will not be sent a copy).

If you have any questions email

Technical note 1

CoF only

Technical note 1: ShinMaywa tipper bodies fitted to new trucks (first registered in New Zealand) imported from Japan

Some new trucks imported from Japan fitted with ShinMaywa tipper bodies in Japan can be accepted without an LT400. See Technical note 1 for a list of the makes and models that can be accepted without an LT400.

This technical note is effective from 22 August 2017, and will be incorporated into the VIRM: In-service certification at the next amendment (November 2017).