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WoF vouchers now valid for six months

The NZ Transport Agency will now be issuing WoF vouchers for a total period of six months, and all unused vouchers issued from December 2018 onwards will be extended accordingly.

The voucher system was set up in November 2018 as part of a new safety alert process to address WoFs undertaken by vehicle inspectors or inspecting organisations who have been suspended. The Transport Agency is providing these vouchers to help remove financial barriers and encourage vehicle owners to get their vehicles rechecked – even though it isn’t legally liable.

While no specific safety concerns have been identified for individual vehicles, and their current WoFs have not been revoked, we are issuing vouchers to all affected owners so they can ensure their vehicles are up to required standards and safe to be used on our roads.

The Transport Agency is writing to affected vehicle owners who haven’t used their voucher yet to notify them about the extension and strongly encourage them to get their vehicles checked without delay.

Inspecting organisations should ensure that the voucher they are presented with is valid or the Transport Agency may not be able to meet the costs of a vehicle being rechecked.

All vouchers issued in future will be valid for six months.

If you have any queries about this notice, please email us at