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Certificate of appointment and Notice of appointment request form

Use this form if you have not received or if you have lost your inspecting organisation Certificate of Appointment or Notice of appointment for your site.

Before you request your new Certificate of appointment, check that the one you have has actually expired. Older versions have an expiry date, but newer ones don't expire as long as your organisation continues to meet its obligations and requirements.

Older Certificate of appointment version - with expiry date

CoA old version

Newer Certificate of appointment version - no expiry date

CoA new version

As per Clause 7 of the Notice of appointment you must publicly display your Certificate of appointment so that it is visible to your customers.

To request a new Certificate of Appointment or Notice of appointment, please complete the form below.

When your request is processed, you will receive a Certificate of appointment in the post and a new Notice of appointment via email.

We aim to process your request as soon as possible however due to the current volume of requests we are experiencing significant delays. We are taking steps to reduce the backlog and are processing requests in the order they are received.

Important: If the information you submit does not match the information in our system this will be investigated and may impact on time taken to process your request.
One Notice of appointment is issued for each legal entity. This means that if you have more than one site appointed under the same legal entity you will receive one Notice of appointment that covers all of your sites (you do not need a separate Notice of appointment for each site).

If the postal address is the same as the physical address, type 'As above'.

Do you require a Certificate of appointment or Notice of appointment? *

Do you require a Certificate of appointment for more than one site?

If yes, list additional sites below.

If you have any additional comments, write them in the box above.