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7b Checksheet specifications (vehicles inspected outside NZ)


The NZTA preference is to have one standard checksheet that is used by all border inspection service providers.

General requirements applicable to all checksheets
  • The checksheet must contain an ‘Appointed by NZ Transport Agency’ logo. Please refer to the latest version of the NZ Transport Agency Visual identity guidelines via this link for requirements for the use of the logo.
  • The checksheet must contain the version number and/or version date of the checksheet (eg 5/09, indicating that the checksheet was last approved/changed in May 2009).
  • The checksheet must include the following information:
    • The words: ‘Complaints regarding border inspection issues should be first directed to the border inspection organisation’. Additional words may be added to the checksheet to meet the requirements for complaint statements contained in the Introduction section of the VIRM.
    • The words ‘NZ Transport Agency reserves the right to recheck any vehicle following an inspection.’
Items to be on the checksheet
  • The checksheet shall contain all the items to be recorded and checked by the vehicle inspector during a border inspection.
  • Any additional items included must be relevant to the inspection requirements in the VIRM.
Items required to be recorded on all checksheets
  • Inspecting Organisation name
  • Address where inspection was carried out
  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Model
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Inspection date
  • Vehicle Inspector’s name
  • Vehicle Inspector’s signature
  • Indication of vehicle structural inspection pass or fail
  • Diagram of vehicle/s
  • For damaged vehicles a check list (see below) detailing type of damage and where damage is located on the vehicle
    • Damage
    • Rust
    • External
    • Under body
    • Internal
    • Front
    • Rear
    • Side
    • Left
    • Right
  • Odometer reading
  • Left-hand-drive/right-hand-drive
  • Provision for notes to be recorded.