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1 Vehicle identification

1-1 Vehicle Identification

Reasons for rejection

Mandatory requirements

1. A vehicle first registered in New Zealand from 1 April 1994 does not have a valid VIN (Note 1) (Note 3).

Note 1

A vehicle without a VIN must be referred to a VIN issuing agent (VTNZ, VINZ, NZAA) to have a VIN attached. A valid VIN consists of 17 characters that never contain the letters I, O or Q, and that is capable of being decoded to provide identifying information about the vehicle.

Note 2

Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Standards Compliance 2002 specify the legal requirements for vehicle identification numbers (VINs)

Note 3

Recording a VIN correction

When a stamped or etched VIN has been corrected, details of the correction must be recorded in the vehicle notes. This is to prevent suspicion arising when the VIN is inspected at a later date. If a VIN plate has been removed and a new one attached in such a way that there is no sign of the correction, this step is not required.

The minimum details to be recorded are the number of characters in the VIN that were corrected and the positions of these characters. Email to update LANDATA notes for the vehicle.

Correcting a stamped VIN

A maximum of three stamping errors can be corrected by crossing out the individual letters or digits, and by stamping the correct letter or digit just above or below the crossed errors.

A hash character (#) must be used to cross out incorrect letters or digits. If a hash character is not available, an ‘X’ or a dollar sign ($) may be used.

Example: correcting a stamped VIN

As an alternative, all letters and digits may be machined out and the entire VIN stamped again.

If there are more than three stamping errors, all letters and digits must be crossed out and the entire VIN must be stamped again, just above or below the original incorrect VIN.

Example: correcting a stamped VIN all

Summary of legislation

Applicable legislation
Mandatory requirements

1. A vehicle first registered in New Zealand from 1 April 1994 must have a VIN.

2. A vehicle inspector or inspecting organisation must identify a vehicle before it is certified.

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