Correct as at 29th March 2020. It may be superseded at any time.

Extract taken: from NZTA Vehicle Portal > VIRMs > Entry certification > Inspection and certification > Vehicle interior > Airbags

7-6 Airbags

IMPORTANT A vehicle with an airbag in a condition beyond the threshold specified in Vehicle structure – 3-4 Threshold for requiring repair certification must be certified by a specialist repair certifier before entry certification.

Where required, an entry certifier must obtain a declaration from a recognised technician stating that any supplementary restraint system (SRS) is within safe tolerance of the manufacturer’s specifications. See Technical bulletin 29 for further information on SRS/ABS declaration requirements.

For requirements regarding the Takata Alpha airbag recall see Technical bulletin 43: Takata airbag recall.

Vehicles must comply with the requirements relating to mandatory equipment, permitted equipment, condition, performance and modification set out in:

Other than the above, there are no additional requirements in respect of airbags for the inspection and certification of vehicles for entry into service.