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5 The inspection and certification process

5-7 Establishing whether a vehicle may be inspected and certified for entry into service

A vehicle that requires inspection and certification for entry into service (see part 6) can be inspected and certified for entry into service only if:

a) the vehicle’s identity (by VIN or chassis number) is established without doubt, and

b) the vehicle has been inspected at the border in accordance with section 4 of Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Standards Compliance 2002 (applies only to used vehicles that are to be registered in New Zealand for the first time) (Note 1), and

c) the VIN process has been completed (see Pre-registration and VIN), and

d) the vehicle owner has presented proof that he/she is lawfully entitled to the vehicle.

  • For an absentee owner who is not able to present identification in person, a copy of their identification is acceptable. This should be filed with the entry certification paperwork.
Note 1

For requirements regarding the Takata Alpha airbag recall see Technical bulletin 43: Takata airbag recall.

Page amended 1 April 2021 (see amendment details)