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61 HVSC Memo 59: HV power pack upgrades to meet emissions requirements


For Heavy Vehicle Specialist Certifiers

To: Heavy Vehicle Specialist Certifiers No. 59

From: Steve Bullôt

Date: 4 May 2009

Subject: HV power pack upgrades to meet emissions requirements

Following the introduction of the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Exhaust Emissions 2007 (33001/2), it has been determined that a heavy vehicle may be repowered to meet the requirements of the Rule.

Any repower will need to meet the following conditions:

  • The repower must meet the applicable emission standard.
  • The repower and its installation must be to the specifications and instructions of the manufacturer of the powerpack for the application or be an alternative approved by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Powerpack means; the engine, its radiator/cooling pack, induction and exhaust systems, including layout, and any accessories or emissions control equipment, such as add blue, specified by the manufacturer.
  • Where final drive or other installation conditions are specified by the manufacturer they must be met and noted in the final certification.
  • The repower is to be certified, by a HVS Certifying Engineer with the Chassis (HVEC) category, That it meets all the above requirements. Supporting documentation from the powerpack or vehicle manufacturer must be available.

Note: In the situation where an engine or powerpack is replaced by a unit by the same manufacturer, part number, specification and emission standard then it is considered a repair and not a modification and is not affected by the requirements of the Rule.