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4 Technical bulletins

30 Dual brake systems in overseas driving school vehicles

Vehicle inspection requirements manual references

This bulletin gives guidance to vehicle inspectors in applying the following requirements in the VIRM: Entry certification:


This bulletin applies to vehicles that are fitted or equipped with dual brake systems for use in Japanese driving schools, which:

  • are fitted with two sets of pedals, and
  • are not going to be operated in service as driving school vehicles in New Zealand.

1. The left-side pedals and their complete operating system must be removed from the vehicle.

2. The vehicle must be low volume vehicle (LVV) certified.

Note 1

If the second brake pedal acts onto an umodified original-equipment driver's pedal, the additional equipment may be removed to return the vehicle to original specification without LVV certification being required.

Assistance for vehicle owners

For some popular vehicle types, approved conversion procedures have been established.

The Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association (LVVTA) or Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (IMVIA) may provide further information for vehicle owners.

Page updated 5 December 2014.