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4 Technical bulletins

20 OE rear upper seatbelt anchorages (with retrofitted seatbelts)

Vehicle inspection requirements manual references

This bulletin gives guidance to vehicle inspectors in applying the following requirements in the VIRM: Entry certification:


This bulletin applies to the standards compliance of rear upper original equipment (OE) seatbelt anchorages not fitted with seatbelts at the time of manufacture.

Safety concern

It is important that the strength of OE seatbelt anchorages meets the required anchorage strength of retrofitted seatbelts. To ensure that the OE seatbelt anchorages can securely anchor the type of seatbelts fitted, the vehicle inspector must determine that the OE seatbelt anchorage complies with an approved standard.


When inspecting a vehicle fitted with an OE-installed rear upper seatbelt anchorage not fitted with a seatbelt at the time of manufacture, one of the following methods must be used to determine compliance with an approved standard:

a) a statement of compliance supplied by the vehicle manufacturer, which lists an approved seatbelt anchorage standard, or

b) if the vehicle is class MA, if it is listed in Table 4 of MoT St. 31391 (see Reference material 41), or

c) type-testing.

If evidence of compliance with an approved standard cannot be provided, the vehicle inspector must fail the vehicle.

In such cases, the vehicle owner may choose to:

  • undergo low volume vehicle (LVV) certification of the seatbelt anchorages, or
  • remove the seatbelts and seating.