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44 Rust prevention or under-sealing on late model cars from the UK

Vehicle inpection requirements manuals reference

In the UK, roads are salted during the winter to reduce freezing. This causes vehicles to prematurely rust. Because of this, some new vehicle dealers will apply an extra coat of under-sealing prior to sale of a vehicle to protect the vehicle from corrosion.


You do not have to refer to a specialist repair certifier a vehicle that has under-seal applied so long as:

  • the vehicle has been imported from the UK, and
  • the vehicle is less than 1 year old, and
  • the vehicle has travelled less than 2000 km, and
  • there is absolutely no sign of damage (if there is any doubt you must refer the vehicle to a specialist repair certifier), and
  • you add notes to LANDATA explaining that under-seal has been observed and after close investigation no sign of damage repair could be seen.

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