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4 Complaints

Customers should be encouraged to direct any complaints to the HV certifier in the first instance.

To ensure that all written complaints are investigated, the HV certifier must maintain an effective complaints management process, which must provide:

1. a clear and concise statement that recognises the positive value of complaints.

2. clear and concise instructions to all customers on how to register a complaint. This can be accomplished in several ways, for example:

a) a conspicuous notice on the workplace wall, or

b) a clear statement on any receipt or invoice issued, or

c) a clear statement on the HVS certifier’s checksheet

3. a straightforward explanation of the expected standards for resolution and the customer’s right to appeal to the Transport Agency if the proposed resolution is unsatisfactory

4. identification of the complainant and should address specific concerns about the service provided.

5. full documentation of each complaint processed, in accordance with the Transport Agency’s PRS manual, to enable subsequent investigation

6. acknowledgement in writing within three working days of any written complaint

7. a proposed resolution to the complainant within 20 working days of the complaint being made.

8. a record of each complaint, in accordance with the Transport Agency’s PRS manual

9. a clear direction to the NZTA helpdesk 0800 699 000 if a customer wishes to make a complaint or appeal a decision made by an HV certifier, or the complaint refers to legislation or Transport Agency policy.

Note Complaints must be in writing.