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11 Local manufacture and repair code of practice

11-3 Manufacturing and repair procedures


This section contains information and Illustrations relating to a range of typical repairs and manufacturing tasks undertaken by the industry.

Each workshop should have a Quality Management System (QMS) and should develop and implement a comprehensive procedure for dealing with the range of manufacturing and repair tasks it is likely to deal with. This procedure should be formally incorporated in the workshop’s QMS and refer to this code. As with all procedures this will evolve over time and the QMS must be audited and reviewed regularly and updated as required.

The various types of manufacture and repair processes will need a range of equipment, skills, instructions and records to complete the task so an evaluation of the task is necessary to ascertain whether it is within the capacity of the workshop, what resources are required and how it will be achieved.

The HV manufacturer IO will have a PDS which must cover all aspects of each certification.

Manufacturer’s repair information

All repairs should be first referred to the manufacturer to establish:

  • if they can provide and appropriate repair instruction
  • if they specifically prohibit a repair
  • if they cannot offer a repair procedure but would allow an appropriate repair to be undertaken

Where a manufacturers repair procedure is available this must comply fully with one of the pre-approved repairs or a DC in order for the repair to be certified without a SoDC from an HVSC.

If the manufacturer specifically prohibits the repair (refer “c” above) this position should be confirmed in writing and include the reasons. In this situation a repair must not be attempted without reference to a HV engineering certifier with the appropriate category.

Where a manufacturer cannot offer a repair procedure (eg if they don't specifically prohibit a repair) but would allow an appropriate repair to be undertaken, confirmation of this position should be requested for the job file and the design referred to a HV engineer certifier with the appropriate category.

Design certificates

Design certificates (DC) or ‘Pre-engineered solutions’ in this Code of Practice are designs for repairs or simple, repetitive manufacturing processes. The DCs have been commissioned by the TTMF, peer reviewed by a HV engineering certifier with the appropriate category and passed to the NZTA for inclusion in 11-7 Pre-approved repairs of this code.

Individual manufacturing certifier IOs may also commission their own DCs from a HV engineering certifier with the appropriate category. These will not be published in this Code but will be the property of the IO that commissioned them. They must be made available to the Transport Agency for audit and feature in the job file as described in 11-5 Documentation.

Pre-approved repair of items covered by the VIRM

The repairs included in section 11-7 Pre-approved repairs can be performed without a SoDC from a HV engineering certifier only if the scope of the repair is fully covered in that drawing and there is no conflict with the manufacturers repair instructions.

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