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Technical bulletins

5 Local manufacturing certifier use of design certificates for batch built or standard components

This technical bulletin replaces memo 65.

The following are examples where a design certificate can be used by a local manufacturer for batch built or standard components:

  • An HVSC may provide a heavy vehicle local manufacturer (HV*D) certifier (Note 1) with a single design certificate (DC) for seat belt anchorages fitted to heavy motorhomes, towbars or drawbeams fitted to heavy vehicles, provided that the DC is a specific design with a fitting envelope which allows the design (once fitted to the vehicle) to meet all the design requirements of the relevant standards.
  • This approval is extended to manufacturers who want to build certifiable components (eg load anchorages) in a batch and store them until they are fitted to a vehicle. These components may be built to a DC and certified, using an LT400 when fitted.
  • A HV*D certifier may accept and use such a DC from a HVSC provided that any and all restrictions placed on the  design are met. These restrictions may include limiting the DC to specific makes, models or fitting locations, numbers of vehicles or any other restriction the HVE certifier might apply. The HV*D Certifier must not go outside the requirements of the DC.

In these circumstances the HVSC takes responsibility for the design and that it is of sufficient strength and durability to do the job in the proposed application or applications. The following apply:

  • The HVSC is responsible for any failure of the component that is not linked to faulty manufacture.
  • The HV*D certifier takes responsibility for the manufacture and that all manufacturing instruction from the HVSC issuing the DC are met in full.
  • Any fault linked to the manufacture of the component or its inappropriate installation are the sole responsibility of the HV*D certifier.

Additional points to provide clarification to HV*D certifiers

  • Load anchorages and other standard fittings may not require a DC from a HVSC if they are manufactured or fitted to the relevant Standard. However, they may require specialist certification or a DC for the load path back to the chassis if this is not covered in the Standard or the vehicle manufacturer’s body builders’ manual. The local manufacturer certifier takes responsibility for both the manufacture and fitting of any component built against a DC.
Note 1

The following categories are summarised by (HV*D):

HVAD: Heavy Vehicle Local Manufacturer Certifier – Load anchorages

HVKD: Heavy Vehicle Local Manufacturer Certifier – Brakes

HVCD: Heavy Vehicle Local Manufacturer Certifier – Chassis

HVLD: Heavy Vehicle Local Manufacturer Certifier – Log bolster attachment

HVTD: Heavy Vehicle Local Manufacturer Certifier – Towing connections

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