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Technical bulletins

14 Lost or illegible identification plates for drawbars, drawbeams and towbars

This technical bulletin replaces memo 25 and memo 51
  • Drawbars and drawbeams fitted heavy vehicles must be certified to NZS 5446:2007
  • Towbars fitted to heavy vehicles must be certified to NZS 5467:1993.

Certification to these standards requires that components are identified by means of a prescribed ID plate fitted to the component.

Note: These ID plates are an inspection requirement at CoF and are subject to inspection by appointed NZ Transport Agency Transport Officers and NZ Police.

If an ID plate is damaged or lost, it requires replacement. The operator may request a duplicate of the ID plate and the certifier has two options.

Option one

The original certifier must verify the vehicle identity and the drawbar/drawbeam/towbar specifications with the original certification records. The certifier shall also establish that the component has not been modified or repaired since original manufacture and certification. When the certifier is satisfied, they then issue a duplicate identification plate with the same expiry date (if required) and ensure that it is attached to the component.

If the HVSC is satisfied that the vehicle identity and the drawbar/drawbeam/towbar can be verified with photographs, it is acceptable to perform this remotely.

Option two

The drawbar/drawbeam/towbar is re-certified by a HVET certifier in accordance with Re-certification of drawbars & drawbeams of known identity. Replacement is mandatory when the identity of the component is in doubt or the component has been modified or damaged and repaired with no evidence of subsequent recertification.

Page added 9 April 2018 (see amendment details)