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Technical bulletins

18 Rebirthing

This technical bulletin replaces memo 80.

Rebirthing is the practice of issuing a new VIN to an existing vehicle. It often manifests in attempts to give new life to old vehicles or vehicle components. Rebirthing is illegal and is not approved by the Transport Agency.

  • A VIN remains for the life of a vehicle even if the vehicle goes through a number of iterations. It is essential that the vehicle history is maintained.
  • During a vehicle’s life, it may have replacement chassis rails, axles, towing connections or even styles of towing connections or number and/or location of axles. These modifications do not create a new vehicle.
  • A vehicle cannot be rebirthed with a new VIN. A VIN cannot be altered (including the removal of a VIN).
Recertification after repair/modification

Depending on the level of repair and/or modification, compliance may need new certifications. Required certifications could include brakes, chassis, towing connection and load anchorages, depending on the level of repair/modification and how much of the previous certifications could be carried over.

A full chassis replacement is a significant modification and all certifications would need to be redone. If existing components were reused, any recertification would have to take into account any fatigue life already used. The model (and chassis rating/GVM) must be updated in LANDATA. This is achieved by completing a MR16 form and submitting it to the Transport Agency.

The only situation where a vehicle could be classed as a new vehicle (new VIN) would be if the original vehicle had been scrapped and removed from the register prior to beginning the new vehicle build. In this case a vehicle, to a new design, could be built using components from the previously de-registered and scrapped vehicle. All new certifications to the latest requirements would be necessary although, as previously stated, residual life would have to be considered for any second hand components used.

Deregistering, modifying and reregistering does not meet the test of being a new vehicle. The ‘donor’ vehicle must be scrapped if components are to be reused in a new vehicle.

Page added 9 April 2018 (see amendment details)