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3 Inspection and certification process

3-6 Checksheets

Applicable legislation: Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Standards Compliance 2002, section 2.3.

1. A checksheet that has been approved by the NZTA must be used. To get a checksheet approved, see:

2. The checksheet must be completed fully and accurately and the writing must be clearly legible on the original and the duplicate page. The vehicle inspector must sign the checksheet once he/she has completed the inspection and determined that the vehicle has either passed or failed the inspection.

3. Where parts of a vehicle are inspected by different people, all those inspecting the vehicle must be vehicle inspectors. The checksheet must record which inspector inspected which part of the vehicle. One vehicle inspector must take overall responsibility for the inspection of the vehicle and that vehicle inspector must sign the checksheet.

4. A vehicle inspector can determine one of two outcomes:

a) Passed inspection: record the ‘determination’ as stated in section 3-7 and issue a WoF label or CoF label or temporary permit

b) Failed inspection: record the ‘determination’ as stated in section 3-7 . The reasons for the failed inspection must be clearly stated on the checksheet.

5. The customer copy (usually the original) of the completed checksheet must be supplied to the vehicle owner or operator. The agent copy (usually the duplicate) is retained by the inspecting organisation.

For information on rechecks and reinspections see 3-11 Rechecks.

Page amended 1 June 2018 (see amendment details).