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3 Inspection and certification process

3-4 Establishing whether the vehicle may be inspected for a WoF or CoF

Before a vehicle can be inspected for the purpose of issuing a WoF or CoF, it must meet one of the following requirements:

The vehicle is currently registered

The WoF online or LATIS system will validate this when the inspection is entered.

The vehicle is unregistered but has been certified for entry or re-entry into service within the last two years

The WoF online or LATIS system will validate this when the inspection is entered. The inspection must be entered using the VIN.

The vehicle is unregistered and listed in the table below

These do not require certification for entry or re-entry into service. These will need to be treated as an online transaction.

a) class TA or TB trailers

b) tractors (other than agricultural tractors) or machines, including trailers, for use solely in non-agricultural, land management or roading operations, whether for traction or otherwise that are operated at a speed exceeding 30km/h

c) pedestrian-controlled goods service vehicles

d) vehicles used on roads only in road construction zones in accordance with notices declaring those zones

e) vehicles that are used on a road only when crossing or proceeding along a section of the road where the vehicles have been authorised to operate by an authorisation of a road-controlling authority that requires:

i. a written agreement by the vehicle’s operator or the person for whom the vehicle is being operated, to construct, reconstruct, maintain or restore to the satisfaction of the road-controlling authority all or part of the road used by the vehicle, and

ii. the erection and maintenance of warning devices, signs or control devices as required by the road-controlling authority and the NZTA, and

iii. where the use of the road does not consist solely of the direct crossing of the road, the prior approval of the NZTA

f) all-terrain vehicles

g) motor vehicles exclusively designed and used on a road for driving, carrying or propelling any of the following, which must be permanently attached to the vehicle:

i. aerodrome runway sweepers

ii. electrical substations

iii. filters for transformer oil

iv. log haulers that are stationary when hauling logs

v. aeroengine test benches

h) tractors owned by a local authority and used exclusively for the construction, maintenance or mowing of stopbanks and the banks of rivers, streams, drains, canals or other watercourses

i) mobile or movable huts, galleys or similar vehicles that are used on a road solely in connection with the construction or maintenance of roads

j) tractors used exclusively for shunting railway rolling stock

k) forklifts

l) aerodrome crash fire tenders that are used on a road only in emergencies

m) trailers while being drawn by a vehicle as stated in (b) to (l) above

n) motor vehicles used exclusively in connection with the embarking and disembarking of ships’ passengers or for loading and unloading ships’ mails, cargo and passengers’ baggage, and used on a public highway only when proceeding unladen from one wharf to another wharf or from their usual place of storage to a wharf and returning to that place of storage

o) cable jinkers

p) front-end loaders

q) log skidders

r) tractor cranes

s) rough-terrain cranes

t) mobile crushing and screening plant machines which are mounted on trailers

u) motor graders

v) motor scrapers

w) trailer scrapers

x) plant for servicing oil-filled cables

y) post debarkers

z) saw bench apparatus

aa) forestry chippers

bb) tree feller bunchers

cc) trench diggers and excavators

dd) vehicles that are always used unladen on the road and that are designed exclusively for carrying earth or other bulk materials

ee) mobile concrete mixers that are mounted on tractors

ff) a vehicle that is similar in design, construction or purpose to a vehicle listed above that cannot be categorised by vehicle class

gg) a vehicle that is registered for use on a road in a country other than New Zealand and that is not going to be in New Zealand for a continuous period of more than 18 months.

hh) an agricultural motor vehicle.

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