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Technical bulletins (CoF)

1 Expiry dates recorded on ID label/plate and HVS certificate (LT400)


This technical bulletin applies to components with heavy vehicle specialist certification (LT400).


Some heavy vehicle specialist certifiers (HVS certifiers) have been stipulating an expiry date on an identification label/plate and heavy vehicle specialist certificate (LT400) for items other than the ones where the relevant standard or code specifically allows or requires an expiry date.

In other cases, some CoF inspectors have been entering an expiry date on LANDATA, most frequently 10 years after the date of the LT400, even if the certificate does not contain such data.

Both of these situations cause avoidable difficulties to the operators, which is made even more obvious if a relevant standard (eg NZ5444) has changed.


1.  CoF inspectors are not to enter any expiry date on LANDATA unless the LT400 was issued for:

a)  a drawbar or drawbeam, first certified to NZS5446 after 1 August 1991, or

b)  a towbar rated over 2000kg MTM, first certified to NZS5446 after 1 August 1991, or

c) a bolster attachment as per the Bolster Attachment Code.

2.  Where an expiry date has been entered on an identification label/plate, LT400 or LANDATA for the specialist certification of items other than those identified under 1. above, CoF inspectors must disregard it. In such cases, a lapsed expiry date is not a reason for rejection.

Page amended 1 July 2014 (see amendment details).