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Technical bulletins (CoF)

6 Michelin X Multiway tyres



Michelin X Multiway tyres are like a cross between directional and normal highway tyres however the direction of rotation can be in either direction - meaning the tyre fits into the normal highway tread type classification.

The arrow with the larger head indicates the manufacturer’s preferred direction of rotation for the tyre, optimizing tread wear performance. The manufacturer recommends that, especially when new, tyres marked with a bi-directional arrow should be run in the direction of rotation indicated by the larger arrow head.

Multiway arrow

However, if a tyre marked with the bi-directional arrow shows an irregular wear profile, (for example, a sloped wear pattern) then it may be turned on the rim and run in the direction of the smaller arrow head with no detriment to any other performance criteria. In cases such as this, the manufacturer recommends that all tyres on the same axle should be turned on the rim such that all arrows face in the same direction.


A vehicle presented that has these tyres is subject to the usual in-service requirements for normal highway tread type tyres.

  • Despite the manufacturer’s recommendation, there is no reason for rejection if the bi-directional arrows do not face in the same direction.
  • There is no reason for rejection if tyres with bi-directional arrows are mixed on the same axle with other Normal Highway tread type tyres.
  • Tyres with bi-directional arrows cannot be mixed with asymmetric or directional tyres.

Michelin XTyre

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