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23 Used imported motorsport vehicles


Under Land Transport Rule: Frontal Impact Amendment 2008 and Land Transport Rule: Exhaust Emissions 2007, a vehicle that is of class MA or MC is not required to comply with an approved frontal impact standard or exhaust emissions standard if it is recognised as a dedicated motorsport vehicle.

The Transport Agency and MotorSport New Zealand (MSNZ) have agreed on a process to allow a limited number of genuine dedicated motorsport vehicles to be imported and certified for use on New Zealand roads. These vehicles may participate in MSNZ-sanctioned events that have road stages requiring the vehicle to have a current WoF and registration. Such vehicles may be driven on the road to get to and from MSNZ events, and for servicing and certification. They are not for ‘daily driver’ use.


This document applies to any used or parallel-imported vehicle dedicated to motorsport use that is undergoing entry certification in New Zealand, which:

The NZTA acknowledges that the types of vehicle specified above will not meet some of the current vehicle standards and entry requirements.

People importing vehicles that fall into the above categories must be referred in the first instance to:

Technical Manager – MotorSport NZ
Phone 04 815 8015
Fax 04 472 9011
PO Box 3793

Wellington 6140



Flow diagram Figure 23-1-1 explains the procedure for processing an imported motorsport vehicle for entry certification.

Process A

Some imported motorsport vehicles may have been used but not previously registered. These vehicles will not meet the definition of a used import, but must be entered in LANDATA as used (>U<). The vehicle attributes for such vehicles should be recorded in LANDATA as follows:

In the field …

Type …

Vehicle type


1st Reg date

The year the vehicle will be first registered in New Zealand

Prev cntry


Orig cntry

The code for the country where the vehicle was built

VIN screen

Figure 23-1-2. Sample VIN screen

Notes must be entered against the vehicle record in LANDATA explaining the motorsport vehicle exemption category. For example, ‘MotorSport vehicle manufactured in 1999 used but never registered’.

Process B

Step 1 – Documentation

Dedicated motorsport vehicles must still meet all the relevant standards applicable to the vehicle (according to age, etc).

The VIRM: Entry certification manual details the standards a vehicle and its components are required to meet. See Inspection and certification Table 1-1-2 for methods to demonstrate compliance with required standards.

Where compliance with an approved standard can not be proven by these methods, the following methods are acceptable alternatives:

a) visual confirmation and recording of standards for items such as lighting, glazing, tyres and so on

b) low volume vehicle (LVV) certification for modified components, such as brakes, steering and suspension, not covered on the MotorSport NZ authority card

c) a MotorSport NZ authority card that includes at least frontal impact assessment

Left-hand drive vehicles

Left-hand drive motorsport vehicles must meet all the requirements described in Pre-registration and VIN 6, Left-hand drive vehicles. If an exemption has been issued, the code ‘C5 (Left hand drive motorsport)’ must be entered in the ‘Special permit’ field on the VIN screen.

MotorSport authority card

If a MotorSport NZ authority card is issued for a vehicle, the code LVAC (low volume authority card) must be entered in the IVCERT screen. The Certifier ID to be recorded for a motorsport authority card is >TMWM1<.

Record the modifications listed on the authority card in the comments field.

Step 2 – Compliance inspection

Motorsport vehicles must be inspected according to the requirements outlined in the VIRM: Entry certification.

If a vehicle has been modified, it must have LVV certification and/or a motorsport authority card (Figure 23-1-3).

If there is evidence of previous structural repairs or structural damage to a motorsport vehicle, it must be referred to a repair certifier for inspection and certification.

Step 3 – MR2A completion and vehicle registration

1. Any original exemption letters must be sighted, copied and returned to the vehicle owner.

2. Notes must be recorded against the vehicle record in LANDATA.

a) If the vehicle is recognised as a dedicated motorpsort vehicle that does not meet a frontal impact and/or exhaust emissions standard, the following note must be recorded in the LANDATA notes screen:

‘Vehicle must remain registered in the name of >vehicle owner< or motorsport vehicle recognition is void’.

The importer’s name must match the name shown on the exemption letter.
If the vehicle does not meet a frontal impact standard, the FIS (frontal impact standard) field must be set to >N<.

b) Update LANDATA with Special Permit Code MS.

c) If the vehicle has been issued a left-hand drive exemption letter, the following note must be recorded in the LANDATA notes screen:

‘Vehicle must remain registered in the name of the>vehicle owner< or left-hand drive exemption is void’.

3. The MR2A must be completed and printed in the name of the vehicle importer. This must be the same as the name shown on any exemption letter.

4. The vehicle must be registered in the name of the vehicle importer before a warrant of fitness can be issued.

Note 1

If a vehicle is recognised as a motorsport vehicle exempt from frontal impact or exhaust emissions standard requirements, the MR2A must not leave the control of the entry certifier until after the vehicle is registered to ensure it is registered in the importer’s name.

Note 2

All exemptions will be issued to individuals. If a company or organisation has applied for a motorsport exemption, it will be issued to a nominated individual.

If an entry certifier wishes to deviate from these instructions, written approval from the Transport Agency must be obtained.


Contact your technical manager if you have any questions.

Figure 23-1-3. Sample motorsport authority card (front and rear)

motosport flowdiagram

Figure 23-1-1. Procedure for processing an imported motorsport vehicle for entry certification