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1 October 2020 VIRM amendments now live

The 1 October 2020 VIRM: In-service certificationVIRM: Entry certification and VIRM: Heavy vehicle specialist certification amendments are now in effect.

VIRM: In-service certificationVIRM: Entry certificationVIRM: Heavy vehicle specialist certification

In this amendment:

  • New 'Vehicle details' section created to make the information easier for VIs to refer to
  • Extra references to the seatbelt fraying images added
  • Wheelbase modification changes to align with the modification changes in the HVSC VIRM (CoF only)
  • Update to required information on certification plates (CoF only)
  • Update to ABS inspection (CoF only)
  • General changes and improvements.

In this amendment:

  • Irish Certificates of registration can now be accepted for proof of meeting exhaust emissions standards requirements
  • Clarification about keeping evidence that a PVIO has been carried out.

In this amendment:

  • Clarification to chassis frame rail replacements
  • Instructions for certification plate information requirements
  • Changes in some modification requirements.

WoF only list of changes

WoF and CoF list of changes

Entry certification list of changes

HVSC list of changes