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Inspecting organisation applications (WoF & CoF)

Are you applying for a new inspecting organisation appointment (WOFIO, COFIO forms) and/ or additional inspecting organisation sites (IOADD form)?

If you are submitting a WOFIO, COFIO or IOADD form, the following applies to the processing of your application.

Application submitted to the NZ Transport Agency

You will receive an acknowledgement of your application and we will request some further information from you in regards to your proposed inspecting organisation and/or new site.

Your application will be assessed
  • If you application is declined, we will contact you in writing.
  • If the assessment deems you application to be suitable for progression we will arrange for a Certification Officer to assess your inspection site.
Please note:
  • Your site does not need to meet all site requirements at the time you submit your inspecting organisation application.
  • You have the option of waiting for the outcome of your application assessment before ensuring your site meets requirements. Please let us know if you wish to take this option.
  • If your application is progressed to a site inspection we will contact you to arrange a time for this.
  • Your site must meet all requirements by the agreed date of the site inspection.