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Amendment dateReasons for amendmentAmendment details
1 November 2017
  • A number of changes (including a rewrite of Technical bulletin 41) relating to the Transport Agency acceptance of certain overseas modifications rather than the vehicle having to go through specialist certification
  • Clarification that the tow bar load isn’t included in the GVM rating
  • ESC added to statements of compliance
  • An EC whole vehicle approval plate can be evidence of frontal impact compliance for a class MA vehicle.
  • Changes regarding what is acceptable for proving stability compliance
  • Clarification that Technical bulletin 2 regarding fire and water damage applies to vehicles undergoing re-entry too – ie does apply to vehicles written off in New Zealand.
1 November 2017 list of changes
1 July 2017

Changes to recording engine type for electric vehicles from 1 July 2017

1 July 2017 list of changes
1 May 2017
  • VIN assignment clarifications with scratchbuilt vehicles
  • Incorporation of LVV changes from December 2016
  • Clarifications around modification declarations
  • Clarification around acceptable proof of brakes rule compliance for new or used vehicles manufactured for the Australian market
1 May 2017 list of changes
1 December 2016

In this amendment:

  • New way to accept electronic deregistration and technical letters from Singapore Land Transport
  • Clarification around frontal impact standards with regard to complying with seat and seat anchorage standards
  • New test regime codes for exhaust emissions standards
  • Notes added regarding when some vehicles are not required to meet some standards
  • New section linking to new VIRM: In-service certification section on hybrid and electric vehicle electrical systems
  • ESC added into declarations technical bulletin (updated form also)
  • New bulletin identifying vehicles as class MB or MD1 with regard to the number of seats listed on the deregistration certificate
  • New bulletin regarding conversion vans (AKA day vans) and how they must now be LVV certified.
1 December 2016 list of changes
11 March 2016

The 1 March 2016 VIRM amendments were issued to correct a discrepancy between VIRM: Entry certification with the Land Transport Rule: Seatbelts and Seatbelt Anchorages 2002. However, a result of the amendment is that it immediately invalidated certain existing motorhome seatbelts, which was not the intent of the amendment.

As a result of the repercussions, the Transport Agency is working to effect a Rule change that will clarify the intent of the Rule and not disadvantage owners of existing motorhomes. In the meantime, please refer to the modified VIRM amendments, which will be retroactively effective 1 March 2016.

11 March 2016 list of changes
1 March 2016
  • Definitions added
  • Clarifications to seatbelt requirements in motorhomes
  • The second phase of changes related to electronic stability control (ESC) – used class MC vehicles inspected at the border from 1 March 2016 must have ESC fitted.

Important: See also 11 March corrections amendment.

1 March and 11 March 2016 list of changes
1 December 2015
  • General changes and tidy-ups
  • Clarifying that PDIs apply to light vehicles only
  • Proof of emissions compliance letters issued by VTNZ can be accepted (sample also added for reference)
  • Incorporation of Certifier memo Clarification of Euro 4 Emissions Standards Requirements.
1 December 2015 List of changes
1 July 2015This amendment covers changes relating to Land Transport Rule: Light-vehicle brakes Amendment 2014 that come in to force on 1 July 2015.1 July 2015 list of changes
1 November 2014
  • General amendments with updates across multiple sections
  • Changes due to the PSV Rule amendment
  • Clarification on heavy vehicle specialist certification.
1 November 2014 List of changes
28 April 2014
  • This is a general amendment with updates across numerous sections
  • Three new reference materials including the Fuel Consumption Import Statement System
  • Re-arrangement and updates to the structural damage and corrosion images in Reference material 71.
28 April 2014 list of changes
29 October 2013Amendment to water damaged vehicle file review and LT351W issue.

Cover letter

Technical bulletin 2 Water- or fire-damaged vehicles

1 July 2013
  • General amendments with updates across multiple sections
  • Updates due to agricultural vehicles changes
  • Several new reference materials
  • Introduction of the synthetic greenhouse gas (SGG) levy from 1 July 2013.
1 July 2013 list of changes
1 January 2013 This amendment covers changes to the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Exhaust Emissions 2007 which came into effect on 1 January 2013.

Questions and answers about the Rule changes are available on the NZTA website here.

1 January 2013 list of changes
1 October 2012

This amendment covers a number of changes to the Land Transport Rule: Passenger Service Vehicles 1999 which came into effect on 1 October 2012. The main changes relate to passenger loading to include driver and crew (now called occupant loading), various PSV dimension changes, extendable steps, removal or reduction of actual weight on the front axle and requirements for dedicated wheelchair positions.

This amendment only covers PSV entry inspections.

1 October 2012 list of changes