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7 October repair VIRM amendment preview now live

The 7 October 2016 VIRM: Light vehicle repair certification amendment is now live.

In this amendment:

  • References to the LT307 added and the procedure for using it outlined
  • New requirement regarding door intrusion beams
  • Welding standards referenced
  • Changes to water damage deviation process and component replacement (see below)
  • Changes to Threshold for requiring repair certification to align with VIRM: Entry certification.

The changes can be viewed in one document - the List of changes and preview pages document, or you can view the pages individually from here.

Change in requirements for water damaged vehicles

The NZ Transport Agency has announced that from  Wednesday 7 September all water damaged light vehicles will now require a full replacement of all electronic and pyrotechnic safety components such as airbags, sensors, pre-tensioner seatbelts and wiring.

This is a change to the previous requirement where only those items below the water line were required to be replaced.

The new requirements apply to vehicles that have been water damaged in New Zealand and require re-registration, and to imported water damaged vehicles – the main source of which is Australia.

Provision has been made for imported water damaged vehicles purchased on or before 7 September to be able to be certified under previous requirements, provided they are border checked by 7 October. This will enable vehicles en route to New Zealand to be border checked and subsequently certified according to the requirements they were purchased under.

More information on this change can be found on the Transport Agency website.